Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Trips His Trigger?

The Christmas season is fast approaching and this is the time of the year when we are making our lists of gifts to buy for family and friends. It's not an easy chore finding gifts to suit everyone but if you know what trips their trigger in life, you've got it made in the shade to find a gift they will love.

Does that man on your Christmas shopping list like fishing? Does he have a keen sense of humor and loves to wear funny t-shirts? If so, here's the perfect Christmas gift to ring his holiday bells:

Keep The Fish, Throw The Old Lady Back!

Or ... maybe you've got a feller who loves to feel the wind in his hair and the bugs on his teeth? If he loves to hit the road on his bike and is a biker at heart, this biker t-shirt will put a big smile on his face on Christmas morning.

Maybe that feller on your holiday shopping list, likes four wheels instead of two? If he's into classic muscle cars and can't wait for the weekend to roll around so he can drive his own four-wheeled beauty to those car shows to show her off, then this muscle car t-shirts will have him hitting on all pistons this Christmas!

That man on your Christmas shopping list may be the type of feller who reaches into the hallway closet to grab his bowling ball and bowling shoes just for the thrill of the sport at the local bowling alley. If so, you can put a huge smile on his face this Christmas with our bowling shirt!

Whatever trips his trigger, you can bet that SagArt has a Christmas gift to not only fit well under the Christmas tree, but to also fit well in his life. Get a jump on the holiday season by shopping SagArt today!

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