Saturday, October 11, 2008

October Child - Part Of Union Eight Clothing And Gifts

When you visit Union Eight at you will find some of the most interesting tshirt and gift items available on the web. Union Eight is a great place for holiday shopping or stop by any time to find an eclectic mix of unique clothing and gifts for friends and family.
One of the designers represented by Union Eight is October Child. That's me. Let me tell you a little about myself and the shops I've created. Each of them has a little bit to do with my interests or life experiences and I hope you'll love the designs as much as I loved creating them.
As a mother of seven, I've had my share of pregnancies. One of the questions people ask you ALL the time is "when are you due?". So I created Mom To Be designs for mothers who want to announce their due date the fast and easy way.
One of those pregnancies was with a set of twin boys. Check out T-shirts 4 Twins to find funny twin designs for Mom, Dad, and the twins themselves.
I was born in California but we've been Pennsylvanians for some 20 years now. We've traveled America coast to coast more than once and I love all the beautiful states that make the USA what it is. I hope you'll check out Hometown Shirt, where you'll find t-shirts for our 50 wonderful states and lots of cool cities and towns.
With all those kids we needed something to keep them busy. Music seemed a great answer and we have 4 piano players, 4 french horn players, a trumpet player and a trombone player. I've been to more marching band shows than I care to count and a lot of symphony concerts. Out of that came The Mad Conductor Music Shop where you'll find oodles of musical instrument t-shirts, mugs and gifts. It's a great place to shop for Christmas music gifts or band season specials.
On a sad note, both my mom and my dad suffered from Alzheimer's Disease in their later years. Our family cared for my mom in our home for 5 years and I have a real interest in promoting awareness about dementia research needs. November is Alzheimer's Awareness month, so I hope you'll stop in at my Memory Shoppe and pick up a button or sticker to raise awareness about this awful disease that affects so many families.
October Child has a lot more to offer as well. We'll save those for another day. Here is a sampling of what you can find in my Union Eight shops.

Horn Grunge Womens T-shirt shirt

Horn Grunge Womens T-shirt by madconductor

I Miss My Mom Womens Alzheimer's T-shirt shirt

I Miss My Mom Womens Alzheimer's T-shirt by memoryshoppe

Panda Due In May Maternity T-shirt shirt

Panda Due In May Maternity T-shirt by maternity_gifts

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