Monday, October 6, 2008

Union Eight goes Political...

One of the best things about being part of a group of very talented designers is that we all bring something different to each category. So since the Presidential race is heating up pretty good I thought I'd add what each of us brings to Politics.

This great Obama 2008 with stars is perfect for any age supporter of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
If you support John McCain and Sarah Palin then this is the perfect design for females of all ages. Girls, Women, Children anyone.

If you want people to vote and are volunteering to get people registered, then wearing this great sticker would be perfect.

Maybe you just can't believe what our choices are this time around. Then maybe this design says it all.

If you want people to know what state you are from and what party you are voting for then this shop has all of them.

Maybe you want to show that you support Sarah Palin in a very subtle way. This would do it.

Or maybe you need a great hat.

But whatever you want or need, Union Eight has it.

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