Sunday, November 16, 2008

Union Eight Launches

It's official! Union Eight is being launched today, and we, as parents of our new arrival, are very proud to see her finally emerging into the world of t-shirts and gifts. For many months we've nurtured her, fed her original, healthy designs, and now we have the opportunity to watch her blossom. We couldn't be more proud of her than we are today.

For those of you who have just stumbled across our Union Eight blog, we'll try to fill you in on the story behind Union Eight. Several months ago, eight graphic designers, who are also friends, decided to form their own brand of t-shirts and gifts. All eight of us are graphic artists, and have worked at other POD (print-on-demand) online companies. It was at one particular POD that we all became acquainted, and eventually became friends. While working on our Union Eight project, we've become so close, we're more like family now than friends, and you couldn't tear us apart with a crowbar, which makes our Union Eight project that much more incredible. All of us actually love and respect one another and their unique abilities as graphic designers and business people.


A few months ago, the leader of our Union Eight group met with Zazzle, a prominent, up-and-coming POD company, and a marriage was born between Union Eight and Zazzle. All of us at Union Eight are very proud to become a part of the Zazzle family, and hope our relationship will be a long, and happy one. In honor of the official birth of Union Eight, in conjunction with Zazzle, Union Eight is having a three-day 2008 Holiday Sale, as a gift to our loyal customers, and also a gift to our new customers who are searching for Christmas savings this year due to the bad economy. This is our special Christmas gift to you, and we hope you'll come back and shop with us throughout the year. The following Union Eight stores are offering major price reductions:

and Gifts

Cowpie Creek

T-shirts And Family Gifts


Awesome Tee Shirts and Gifts

Irish T-Shirts

Cards T-shirts and Gifts


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