Monday, September 29, 2008

Union Eight On The Move

SagArt here, and another proud member of Union Eight.

So y’all are probably wondering how this Union Eight thingy got started, right? (This is where y’all shake your head in the affirmative whether ya' want to or not.) A couple of years ago (things move slow in the south), I was sittin’ in my rockin’ chair on the front porch, sipping sweet tea and shootin’ flies with my B-B-gun ... and I got ta' thinkin' bout how ta' peddle my wares on the internet better.

Everbody kept sayin' that ta' be successful, ya' need to strut your stuff around the net like a proud rooster, write press releases, post to blogs, write articles, design products and so on and so forth. Well I'm here ta' tell ya' that there tain't a warm body out there that kin do all dat stuff and keep the mash flowing in the still. It jest tain't possible.

I rocked away sippin' my sweet tea en' suddenly the ole' noogin' started ta' perk grey water. Lordy be, I wuz as surprised as anybody when the solution ta' my problem jest popped right into my noogin' faster than greased lightin'! Eye knew instantly dat my idea was purdier than a speckled pup under a porch swing and kud wurk right nice, once it was put into place. Soon as I could find a clean grocery sack, I sharpened my pencil with my pig sticker and put together my grand plan to take over the world ... one t-shirt at a time.

It was a purdy plan en' I got so excited when some fellers from Zazzle flew all the way from Calliefornie ta' Hot-lanta jest ta' talk wif me bout it. I talked dem city slickers ears off and then got down and whispered in their earholes bout my grand plan. When I wuz done wif them fellers dey looked a bit dazed, but I reckon city slickers need a bit more time to get their own noogins to start perking. Least ways, dat's what I've been told.

Ta' make a long story short, eight mighty fine shopkeepers got together en' launched Union Eight wif supportin' us all the way. Dat right thar, is how Union Eight wuz born and she sure is a purdy thing too. Eye cud git into all the particulars bout how et works, but den I'd hafta shoot ya'. Jest kiddin'. Y'all kin stay tuned to this station fer more on Union Eight as we cut a new path into the future for shopkeepers.

And, if you want the best ... forget all the rest! Shop Union Eight! (Sorry, I had ta' say dat cuz it's true!)

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